We live in the era of technology. Some of us, don’t even want to embrace this and see it as a dystopia. Accepting it or not, this is the reality of our present and we have to keep up with its challenges.

Starting with parenting and continuing with food ordering, shopping and even our jobs, everything is in direct connection with the digital era. As a first conclusion, we can say that being always challenged and entertained by the latest news in the “industry”, it ends into building a better you.

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of the business.”

We have to admit it: sometimes we have the impulse to find every answer online… We have a backpain? Let’s read something about it on the internet. We need a new couch for our living room? Why should we bother to go to the nearest store, when everything we need to find it’s a click away?

Considering this, we can conclude that the future of each and every business is reflected on the internet. If you’re online, you have visibility from your customers, if you’re not… well, folks, your business is almost as dead as a doornail.

Anyhow, it’s not too late to bring a business in the present, so we should better do it, ASAP!

As a marketer, you probably feel us with every word you read and we are more than sure you’re trying to “educate” your customers in an innovative manner.

“If you’re going to succeed at online business, you need to keep it virtually real.”

Let’s play an imagination game and pretend you have just finished the work for a website, for your company or for one of your customers. Together with the branding and development teams, you were able to do a great job and everything you have ever wanted, in terms of a website/social media account, is in front of your eyes now.

Now you’re starting to set different types of campaigns, in order to gain even more visitors for your website.

You should be all set up now…

But wait, it would be a shame if a visitor, from a different country, would not able to view the content of the website, as it should be seen. As you know, a website can look different in a foreign country, when automatically switches to user’s locale IP. The way a website loads (or is blocked) in different locations, is influenced by the geo restrictions.

Introducing LocationWizard

In order to eliminate this unpleasant situation, we are proudly presenting LocationWizard – the marketing tool that solves lots of challenges a marketer might face.

LocationWizard allows you to work smart, not hard. This tool was specially designed for you and is the perfect solution if you’re trying to easily test your ads, apps and website content, from different geo locations.

Smart work pays best. Trust it!

Let’s assume you need to test your website from 5 different countries around the world, where you have 5 buddies, friendly enough to help you with screenshots/other info you might need, in order to evaluate your website’s performance. But this situation won’t happen over and over again and that’s why you need to start working smart, using a marketing tool that does the job for you.

LocationWizard comes as an app (both for desktop and mobile) and it’s compatible with different operating systems. Also, we can’t forget about our Chrome extension which may come in handy, when you’re in need. 😊

The awesome news is that you can test it, for free, for 30 days. Isn’t this awesome?

As a teaser, we will show you how easy-peasy you can make your work, using the Windows app.

We can’t be humble this time, so we have to say it: this app is top-notch! Besides this, 100+ premium locations around the world are available for you in a blink of an eye (if only it would be this easy with travelling 😊).

    • When it waits for you to interact with it, the app will look like this:

LocationWizard_not connected app

    • And as soon as you get busy, the app will look like this:

LocationWizard_connected app

Not only that it looks pretty cool and it’s super-duper friendly, it connects very fast and easy. Also, you can create a list of favorite locations, so you won’t be forced to scroll down in the list, to find the desired proxy server.

Favourite servers

As an additional tip, if you’re in the test process and you need to take screen captures and you’re using Chrome, for example, we can recommend you to try “Full Page Screen Capture” Extension, which works pretty cool. Don’t believe us? Take a look:

Screencapture LocationWizard

Let’s work together! <3

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we work together. We hope you are ready to test our service.

Considering the fact that we love the sound you make when you’re typing a feedback, we look forward to receive it from you! Feel free to leave us comments on the blog, or by using the contact form.

With LocationWizard you need just a “Hocus Pocus”, in order to get your job done! <3