View Geo-Targeted Local Content And Ads

Location is for sure one of the most important ‎elements marketers use to target an ad campaign.  And the challenge is to be sure that only people from one location are going to see that ad. And the second challenge is to see how people are actually seeing that ad.

For all this issues and challenges we have created LocationWizard. By using LocationWizard, online professionals such as marketers or developers can view and monitor geo-targeted local web/mobile content and ads from over 100 locations. Thus marketers can run their ads effectively and correctly.

Build Truly Global Applications

The need for developing global applications for multiple languages and locations grows every day.

LocationWizard helps online professionals to focus attention on creating an application that will be able to support localized user interfaces and regional data for all users. The challenge is to customize the application for specific languages, cultures, and regions and to adjust the content viewed by users of their websites depending on their geographical location.

Replicate User Experience On Social Sites (Facebook, Twitter) From Anywhere In The World

Any marketer knows the power of social media and the impact that it can have on the business.
LocationWizard allows agencies and marketers to replicate user experience on social sites from anywhere in the world and to be closer to the end user and manage the entire customer experience.

Validate Transaction Flows And Localized UI Components

The tool allows performing verifications of transaction flows and testing localized UI components.

Emulate Mobile Content And Ads

By using LocationWizard online professionals such as developers can test and monitor mobile and responsive web pages on their desktop.

Soon (we now work to develop LocationWizard Toolbar) marketers and developers will be able to select screen resolutions with a simple click and replicate results for various browsers and mobile devices.

Surf The Net From All Over The World

With LocationWizard anyone can change the IP address of their browser and get complete visibility into how geo-targeted ads and content appear. Anyone can also react to interactions in real time from 100+ locations from all over the world that are available with LocationWizard.

QA And Testing

When it comes to managing the product life cycle and verifying that the same software or product meets the defined quality standards for customer all over the world, LocationWizard proves to be a very useful tool. It reduces test cycle time immensely and allows online professionals to do real testing, geo-located, that they simply would not be able to do otherwise.